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Parable of the Unwise Steward

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Parable of the Unwise Steward

Carol Key

The parable of the unwise steward is found in Matthew 25: 14-30. To one servant the wealthy person gave five talents, and to another two, and to another one talent. Then the wealthy person went away. You may know the outcome, or you can read it for yourself, but the servant with the one talent buried his in the ground for fear of losing it. The other two servants invested and made an increase in their trusted gifts.

This parable teaches us that we are not to bury our giftedness in the ground awaiting heaven. We are to work to glorify God with our talents, to reach out to others who have no talents, and to grow in faith in this life. We are not to bury our talents in the ground and do nothing. We also learn that God gives us everything we need to do what we are called to do. A talent in ancient times was worth a lot, even as much as a million dollars today. Each servant was entrusted with a worthy amount with the ability to produce more. Even thought the servants were not given equally, all were given what they needed to grow the Kingdom. The expectation was to grow the Kingdom of God now!

We also learn that we work for the Master and not only for our selfish purposes. What we are given is not our own and what we earn is not ours to keep. We are only stewards of the Master's investment, and the Lord expects a return on the investment in our life. To believe that the Lord exists to support and care for us is a false belief denying the truth that we are held accountable. We never own a free ticket, are never offered forgiveness without repentance, and are never justified in living only for our self.

The unjust steward was left out because fear was his god, selfish desires were his purpose, and an opportunity to glorify God was missed.