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A Worthy Faith?

WMC Blog

A Worthy Faith?

Carol Key

If our culture suffers from purposeless life and a haphazard direction we might wonder what changes should take place in order to reverse this dilemma. In short, what are we saved for? What are the universal acts of life that offer purpose and direction?

I will cut to the chase and offer a few purposes for life that immediately come to mind. I believe we are created with the purposeful desire to offer loving friendships to those we meet, to have a solidarity in a holistic purpose that reaches beyond our own sphere of profit, and a lifestyle that allows time for a stewardly care of others who need us without offering us obvious personal gain. In short, we are to reach beyond our own self-interest and conceited purposes.

This all sounds good and easy unless we remember that we have this voice in our head, that is lived out by our culture, that screams and proclaims that we are to live only for our own desires, pleasing only our own selves, never considering others, and believing we deserve the first place in line in every area of life. The temptation is to avoid and ignore the very thing that will give us purpose and meaning in our lives.

There is one trump card that I have not mentioned so far. This trump card is the salvific acts and offerings of Jesus Christ. Jesus is not only the source of our ability to live beyond our ourselves but is also the cosmic and saving presence that deals with any sin that prevents us from living into the glorious fullness of life. Jesus is the evi- dence that God was not content to call creation “good” from a distance.

Blessings, Dan