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So Why Aren’t We Happy?

WMC Blog

So Why Aren’t We Happy?

Carol Key

I cannot answer this question in 250 words. I can barely give some facts. I only pick up on the unfulfilling lifestyle of people in the West who report a downward slide of their happiness. We can all add our reasons for this slide, and I ask only that you will allow me make some very general assumptions for the sake of our thought and conversation.

I believe we are losing our art of being a friend. Many men report they have no close friends. We suffer from massive increases in loneliness. We repel community as we forget our sacred treasure to successfully navigate a world in which our communal life has been almost entirely displaced by a networking life.

Despite America’s reputation as the Western world’s most God-bothering nation, church attendance continues to decline, so that with very casual expectations churches report that the number of un-churched citizens has greatly surpassed those who are churchgoers. I stand on the belief that when people come together weekly to read and study passages concerning duty to one another, submit personal will to a sacred will of a great God, commit themselves to loving neighbors, and model consideration, compassion, consolation, reconciliation, and grace, the trends of disconnection and loneliness will move in a positive direction.

No civilization has ever had more of a reason to be jubilant and yet we slide. We are wired to only be happy when we are in a committed and surrendering relationship with the Lord God Almighty. There is no replacement or alternative.