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Ginger Shields

By: Dan Martin, Senior Pastor

Click here to read Mark 13:33-37.

The Lord is the Lord of time. We do not own time nor do we create time. The spinning of the earth in a systematic and prescribed fashion is not of our doing. Yet day after day we depend on the sun to rise to call us to new life and every day we expect that the sun will set to give us rest. We structure our life around a 7 day week that is perfectly described as a creation of God at the Creation. Even our periodic weeks are ascribed to the almighty hand of God.

When dictators describe themselves as a deity, one of their first acts is to change the order of time. Napoleon changed the day from 24 hours to 10 hours and aspired to change the length of a week to a number that was divisible by five in order to assert his power. Only God makes time and knows time. We only surrender to time and trust in the great provision of God.

Now, at the very beginning of Advent, we are called to “awaken” in order to “wait.” We are challenged with the sacred task of waiting on the Lord, trusting in the Lord, depending on the Lord, and surrendering to the Lord. We believe the Lord, in the Lord’s own time, will provide, will come, and will save us. In a world where we seldom wait for anything, we are called to receive the spiritual discipline to wait on the coming grace of the Lord, in the birth of Jesus Christ.

Prayerfully, patiently, and faithfully we wait for the Jesus, God in the flesh, to be born.  Amen.

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