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Ginger Shields

By: Rhiannon Kelly, Director of Youth Ministry, Holden Hughes, WMC Youth, and Sadock Imatha, WMC Youth

Click here to read Psalm 126.

Change can be difficult, unwanted, unwelcomed and just plain hard. We tend to cower at the thought of change and it almost brings about a twinge of panic to even consider it in certain aspects of our lives. But not all change is negative, and even the change we fear can sometimes prove us wrong. 

Two of our West Market Church high-schoolers changed schools this year and experienced some of the anxiety associated with change.  Holden Hughes explained, “As I started at a new school this year I was anticipating and anxious about not being accepted by my peers. But two people really started engaging with me in the beginning, and now I have lots of friends and really like being there. It just took a couple of people showing that they cared.”

Sadock Imatha had similar concerns about changing schools: “I thought the new school I transferred to was going be really tough academically.  It’s not quite as bad as I thought, and it is getting easier as I️ go. I have been adjusting by doing my assignments earlier so I can get help if needed. I think this school will be good for me.”

Holden and Sadock also said this about change: “God has a desire for us to change and grow spiritually. But often we stay still and don’t pay attention to or follow through with those things we feel God is asking us to do. It is important to improve your life to help improve other’s lives- to be the people that show up and care. When you feel like God is wanting you to change, don’t wait around. Maybe it’s time you lead a Bible study, or help out in the community, or just read your Bible more often. Maybe it’s something you need to cut out of your life, a major change. We have to make adjustments in our lives to go with the changes.”

God help me to recognize the changes you want me to make to help myself, help others, and glorify you. Amen.

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