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Ginger Shields

By: Dan Martin, Senior Pastor

Click here to read Luke 1:31-38.

This is the Annunciation. Mary, a common woman, takes center stage this time of the year. Mary is venerated by some Christians, ignored by some Christians, and misunderstood by other Christians. At times, Catholics have transformed the peasant Jewish teenage girl into an otherworldly queen. At times, Protestants and Evangelicals have pretended that she never existed, or they have missed the truth that she was the first disciple, that she displayed radical faith and trust in God.

Mary hears the call of God and she responds. She models faith, obedience, servanthood, discipleship, and hospitality.

Mary has been told that she has found favor with God. The Power of the Holy Spirit will come upon her. She will give birth to the Savior. She questions how this can be. She is told that nothing is impossible with God! An ordinary woman has been told that she will do something extraordinary.

Once there was a man sleepily watching a Sunday football game on TV when his children invited him to experience a play they had put together. He came up from his slumber to witness his older son, an obvious Joseph with a broom handle and a robe, his daughter, an obvious Mary with a pillow under her shirt, and the youngest daughter adorned with all the jewelry she could find. The youngest proclaimed that she was all three wise men and that she was bringing “gold, circumstance, and mud!”

The father did not correct her but took some time to reflect on the truth of this proclamation. God loves us for who we are: our gold ~ where we are at our best, our circumstance ~ where we are right now, and even in our mud ~ where we are when we are most human. Mary tells us that God can take our gold, circumstance, and mud and make something glorious with it.

Almighty God, Teach us that what is impossible for us is possible for you. Give us courage to hear this great teaching at Christmas. Amen.

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