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Ginger Shields

By: Erin Althaus, Director of Children's Ministry

Click here to read Psalm 85:8-13.

Time marches on. The minutes tick by, the days go quickly, the weeks fly by, the months go even faster, the seasons change, and the years evaporate. Time stops for no one. My clock, the calendar, the sun are all faithful to helping time move forward. I look up and wonder how can I have lived on this earth for 40 years? Where has the time gone?

And through this constant forward momentum, God is always there. He’s the reason the sun comes up and starts a new day, the reason the leaves fall to the ground and the earth revitalizes in the spring. He is there for you and me. He’s there for me in the good times, when everyone is happy and life is zooming by and things are great. He’s with me when I’m taking care of sick ones and I’m feeling lonely and unloved. Always, day in and day out, month after month, season upon season, all the years of my life, He has been with me and will continue to be with me in my future.

On the other hand, there’s me. I’m never as faithful to God as He is to me. Sometimes I’m great about having my quiet time, reading my scriptures, spending time with the Lord. Other times, I’m not so faithful about spending time with God. I am not as faithful as my amazingly faithful and loving Father in heaven.

My lack of faithfulness doesn’t stop Him from loving me or always being there for me when I need him and when I don’t think I need Him. But just like any other relationship, we get what we give. When we give time to a relationship faithfully, we get so much more out of it. When we give our time and faithfulness to God, we are able to enjoy His love, security, peace, joy and serenity. We are able to feel His presence more fully and remember His love even deeper.

God, in this Advent season, may we remember your faithfulness. Help us give of our time to show our faithfulness to you.  Amen.

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