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Ginger Shields

By: Rhiannon Kelly, Director of Youth Ministry

Click here to read John 1:6-8.

If you have spent anytime around a teenager in the last year or so, you have certainly heard something described as being “lit”. It’s a good thing--it means something was “on fire” in a good way. It’s a term of endearment really, so to hear a student say “Youth group last Sunday was lit!” is certainly music to the ears of a Youth Director.  We often use these metaphors of fire and light to signify what is good and positive. We juxtapose the light with the darkness, good versus evil, and so forth. Jesus is our light and we have that same light in us that we are to use to shine bright for others as a representation of Jesus’s love.

At a recent Family Ministry Volunteer’s meeting we explored this notion of being the light and helping others to see the light. If you are blindfolded and trying to navigate your way through an obstacle course, you are likely to trip and fall and lose your way as your eyes can see nothing but darkness. We talked about the things in the lives of the children and teens in our church that may be “keeping them in dark” and preventing them from seeing, feeling, and being the light of Christ. Phones, sports, screens, and peers were the not-surprising popular answers.

I believe a lack of feeling like they belong is what mostly keeps kids these day in the dark about Christ’s love.  And maybe not just kids, don’t we all want to feel we belong? It is really important for all of God’s children to feel welcomed, loved and to be an integral part of the larger system we are a part of. And for us, that is our church. We must be the light unto others and allow ourselves to feel that light from our church family. Let’s make West Market Church lit for everyone!

God, please help me find the ways in which I can be a witness to the light that is Christ and open my heart to feeling your love and light from others. Amen.

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