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Ginger Shields

By Scott Nowlan, Pastor of Administration

Click here to read Mark 1:1-3.

A messenger is someone who is sent with an official word or edict and who speaks on behalf of the person who sent them. Much like a King or President will send an envoy as an official representative who goes before them to make sure that all the preparations are in order for their arrival, throughout history God has used messengers to instruct His children and to prepare us for His arrival. Some very unlikely people have been used as His messengers, but perhaps none seemed more unlikely than Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, who lived in the wilderness, wore clothing made of camel hair and ate locusts and wild honey. Despite his wild appearance and rugged life-style, John was used to prepare the way for Jesus’ arrival.

In this season of Advent as we await the arrival of the Christ Child – just like John, we are also called to be God’s messengers and as such, we can and must help prepare those around us to receive the message of hope and forgiveness that is offered to us through Christ. At times we too may feel like we are the “voice of one calling in the wilderness”, because many around us do not know the message of God’s love and forgiving grace. But we must share the message because we never know when our words may “make straight paths” and help someone hear the “Good News” for the first time.

Holy God, in this season of Advent keep us mindful that we have a message that the world needs to hear. Keep us also aware that the message to prepare the way of the Lord is a call to open ourselves and our hearts to receive the Messiah anew.  Amen.

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