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Ginger Shields

By: Lisa Butterworth, Director of the Early Childhood Center

Click here to read 2 Peter 3:13-15.

No one likes to wait. As a preschool educator, I have spent a lot of time encouraging our youngest of friends to wait with patience and kind spirits. They wait in lines for the water fountain, to leave the classroom or for their turn to share at circle time. They are praised for a good job of waiting. I leave work each day and have a short drive home. I very quickly realize that the friends I meet on the road home need the same reminder to wait with patience and kinds spirits. They show their inability to wait with words and gestures that involves fingers. What happened? 

The words in 2 Peter made me stop and think, what would happen if our Lord lost patience with us?  That is hard to imagine although I am sure I have tested his patience at times. I am reminded that just as a teacher is patient with a child as they learn, the Lord is patient with his children as they learn. The Lord's patience means salvation and for that I am grateful. Salvation will be worth the wait. 

Dear Lord, we come to you as your child who has a hard time waiting. We thank you for your patience with us and for the salvation awaits us. May we continue to grow and learn with your guidance. Amen.

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