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302 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC, 27401
united states

(336) 275-4587

Website for West Market Street United Methodist Church. 




What makes West Market Church different than other churches?

West Market Church is part of the United Methodist Church. There are several links that lead you to the greater UMC website for deeper information on our denomination's beliefs and responsibilities. But West Market is unique from other local churches for many reasons. Ours was the first church to be built within the town limits of Greensboro so our history is long. While always trying to preserve our history, we also consider our church very progressive in our ways of serving Greensboro and the greater global population. We offer both modern and traditional services that have something to satisfy everyone's tastes. In between services, we offer a Faith and Fellowship Hour designed to give individuals more small group time to dive deeper into scriptural meaning as it relates to our current world. Our mission of outreach covers local ministries, regional concerns and far-reaching global needs that give our members opportunities to serve in meaningful ways with volunteerism as well as financial gifts. There are many ways we bring the love of God into the world as we send forth disciples of Jesus Christ.

What are the differences between the Modern and Traditional services?

Traditional Service located in the historical sanctuary at 302 West Market and John Wesley Way.

Traditional Service located in the historical sanctuary at 302 West Market and John Wesley Way.

The traditional services (8:30 & 11:00am) are based upon the formal worship traditions of the United Methodist Church and include liturgy, scripture, prayer, traditional hymns, choral anthems and instrumental music. These services are held in the Sanctuary and are led by the pastors, speakers, the pipe organ, and the Chancel Choir.

Modern Service located in the Fellowship Hall located at corner Friendly Ave. and John Wesley Way.

Modern Service located in the Fellowship Hall located at corner Friendly Ave. and John Wesley Way.

The modern service (9:00am) is based upon an informal style of worship and, as with the traditional service, includes use of scripture, prayer, and instrumental music. It varies from the traditional service in the use of more contemporary genres of music led by the Praise Band and the use of electronic media (video/recorded audio) to illustrate the gospel. Thirty minutes prior to the service, we offer a time of fellowship with one another and invite you to have coffee and refreshments located in the back of the room. The service is held in the Fellowship Hall and is led by the pastors, speakers and the Worship Band.

Not sure which service you would prefer? No problem. You are welcome to attend both! Feel free to try each service and discover what style fits your worship needs.

What do you offer for young children during services?

Like Jesus we value children so much! We offer many exciting opportunities for children to learn about Christ and to experience his love. At all of our services, kids are welcome to stay with you throughout. We understand they may wiggle and squirm; that’s normal. It doesn’t bother us! But, if you would like for your children to have a church experience that is more age appropriate, we have several options.

Children’s Worship Bags: (available at all services) You can find worship bags for kids in the lobby areas before you enter the services. Each bag contains crayons, books, children’s activity pages based on the scripture readings for this Sunday and a clipboard with a participation sheets. Encourage your children to fill out the participation sheets and turn them in to an usher. We love to see how kids are participating in the service. Please return the bag at the end of the service.

Childcare: (available during all services) Paid childcare workers, trained in first aid and/or CPR, care for our youngest ones (birth through pre-K) during all worship services and during the 10:00am Faith and Fellowship hour. West Market Church is blessed to have childcare workers who provide a very loving and caring environment. Age-appropriate Christian education begins in the toddler room, but God’s love is our focus, even in the infant room. If you are visiting for the first time, we ask that you provide important information about your child on a one-time registration card. In addition, each week, we ask that you use our computer security system. Please check in at the kiosk and print a name tag and parent label for your child(ren). A parent or guardian must return and show this label in order to pick up his/her child. For maximum security, please do not send friends or relatives (including older siblings) to pick up your child.

Children’s Chapel: (available during the 9:00am and 11:00am services) Most Sundays, immediately following the children’s message, 4-year olds through third-graders are invited to participate in Bible lessons designed especially for them. By using videos, science experiments, games and worship time, the Bible is brought to life. The Bible’s relevance is reflected in a message which meets children where they are.

What are some face-to-face ways I can get to know the pastors or learn more about the church?

We offer several ways of connecting to our pastors. Once a month we offer Coffee with the Pastors in our Gathering Space located in the center of the church on the second floor. This is an opportunity for anyone interested to meet one of our 4 ministers including our senior minister, Rev. Dan Martin. Enjoy a cup of coffee and relaxing conversation from 10:00 to 11:00am and learn more about them. See our EVENTS page for dates and times.

We also have a 45 minute tour/class of West Market Church called FIRST THINGS as an introduction to our rich heritage and information on our many current offerings for both young and old. See our EVENTS page for dates and times. 

If you'd like to have more of a one-on-one conversation, please contact a member of our staff using the Church Staff page. 

At West Market Church, we strive to make sure the message is consistent no matter which service you attend. Our senior pastor, Dan Martin is the primary preaching minister but all of our pastors may be found in the pulpit on any given Sunday. No matter which one is preaching, if they preach at one service, they preach at all three. 

Who preaches at your Sunday morning services?